6 Personal Branding Tips for Building Your Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Business Online



6 Personal Branding Tips to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

If you’re a network marketer or an affiliate marketer who has struggled to bring your business online and create profitable results, this is is for you! These personal branding tips will help solve one of the most common problems network marketers and home business owners face (aside from lead generation). That problem is finding a way to stand out from the thousands of other reps who sell the same exact products and/or services. While promoting your network marketing business online does open up a whole new world of possibilities in regards to the pure amount of people you are able to connect to and expose to your business, the same principles that apply to offline marketing must be used online as well. You still need to form genuine relationships and build trust and rapport in order to generate more leads, make more product sales, and bring on new business partners. The cool part, though, is that using online marketing allows you to create much more leverage. And the best way to do that is through BRANDING YOURSELF. Imagine waking up to an inbox full of people requesting more information about your business and what you do! That is exactly what personal branding will do for your business over time. In this post I share my top 6 personal branding tips for marketer so that you can start to attract high qualified prospects to your business. So Let’s dive right into it  

#1 Be Yourself

You may represent a specific company in the sense that you sell their products, but first and foremost you represent yourself. Create a blog that brands YOU and make sure all of your social media accounts use your name and image. You want them to truly reflect YOU and show your smiling face. There is no bigger turnoff than when a person has a company logo or product as their profile picture or banner. It immediately sends a message that they are trying to sell someone something, and no one likes to be sold to (at least without granting permission, right?). Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How did you get started in your current company? Most Likely you joined someone you knew and trusted. This is the vibe you want to create!  

2. Establish yourself as the expert and become the authority in your niche

People tend to gravitate towards and join people who know what they are doing and where they are going. The best way to achieve this is to share your story, your experiences and your knowledge. If you’re in a health and wellness company, share fitness tips, recipes, weight loss success stories, and pictures of you living the healthy lifestyle. If you want to be the go-to person for lead generation and branding, share the newest marketing strategies, interview top leaders who are successfully building their business online, and share your own results. Immerse yourself and be passionate about the niche you are in and share that value with the world. The more you consistently do this, the more people will start to see you as the go-to person for that particular industry.  

3. Be consistent in creating content and sharing value

Whether you believe it or not, people are watching you in your business. They may not like or engage on every post or video, but they are watching. The more you show up in your business every day, regardless of the results you initially get, the more people will begin to take you seriously and want to learn more about exactly what you’re doing. Every time you learn or try something new related to your niche, share that experience or knowledge with others. It can be through a blog post, a video, or even a simple photo you share on Facebook. Any time you experience something that you found valuable, know that there are likely plenty more people who will find that valuable as well, so never be afraid to share it with others. A very helpful personal branding tip when it comes to content creation is to come up with a content marketing strategy. This can help you stay focused and consistent in not only PRODUCING content that your target market wants, but also in PROMOTING that content in an effective way.  

4. Create unique lead magnets or offers to give away to your ideal prospects

Always be sure to build trust and rapport with your prospect before any type of sales transaction. Far too many people run straight out of the gate instantly pitching their products to everyone they meet. And I get it! You’re excited and want others to experience that same excitement. I have been there myself. But rather than approaching people with a transnational mindset, focus on building a solid relationship where you provide value and serve to those you meet. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through using lead magnets. Basically this is just a fancy term for giving your prospect something of value in exchange for their email address or contact information. Some simple ideas for lead magnets include video series, PDFs, action guides, and checklists. If you promote a weight loss product, perhaps you could create a video series giving nutrition and fitness tips. If you are in a beauty company, think about doing makeup or skincare tutorials. Whatever niche you are in, think about your ideal prospect and a problem they may have. Then create your offer by providing them with the solution to their problem. It’s a win-win! You provide value and are of service to someone and in exchange they give you their contact information to follow up with them.  

5. Build and connect with your list to foster strong relationships

As you may have heard before, the fortune is in the follow up! As you start to provide value to the marketplace and build your email list, it is important to make connecting with those people a habit. Write to your list when you have something valuable to share like a new blog post or training. Another great idea is to write to your list when you are running a special or promotion that you feel would benefit them. To make those relationships even stronger, consider utilizing a CRM system, so that you can take notes about your prospects, customers, and business partners. A CRM is an essential tool for keeping track of all of the new relationships you form so that you can more effectively follow up with people on an individual basis. You are able to keep track of all of the communication and interaction you had with that particular prospect which helps you better sift and sort through people in order to find those who are a perfect fit for your business.  

6. Focus on emotion and storytelling over features

When it does come to promoting your actual products or services, focus on storytelling. How did that product help you personally? What has the extra income specifically helped you achieve? People are emotional buyers. Rather than just talking about all of the product’s features, which people have heard countless times, tug at your prospect’s heart strings. Show them how something will make them FEEL. Paint a visual and emotional picture of what your products and services can do for them. This will be far more effective and carries much more power than simply just listing off pre-scripted benefits. That wraps up my 6 personal branding tips for building your network marketing business online. As always, the key to learning is implementation! So try these techniques yourself and let me know the results that happen in your business!

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